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Batch Compute:Introduction

Last Updated:May 11, 2018

We have provided the Python SDK to help the Python developers use Batch Compute more efficiently. You may select a suitable version based on your needs.

Note: You need a pair of AccessKeyId/AccessKeySecret in Active state. To use the Batch Compute SDK, you must know the Batch Compute endpoints in each Alibaba Cloud region.

Regions and endpoints

For more information about regions supporting Batch Compute, click here.


With this SDK, you can develop Python programs to submit jobs, stop jobs, view the job status, and so on.

SN Method Description
1. create_job Creates (submits) a job.
2. get_job Obtains the running status of a job.
3. get_job_description Obtains the static description of a job.
4. change_job_priority Changes priority of a job.
5. start_job Restarts a job.
6. stop_job Stops a job.
7. delete_job Deletes a job.
8. list_jobs Lists all jobs.
9. get_task Obtains the running status of tasks of a job.
10. list_tasks Lists all tasks of a job.
11. get_instance Obtains the running status of an instance.
12. list_instances Lists all instances of a job.
13. create_image Creates an image.
14. delete_image Deletes an image.
15. get_image Obtains the status information of an image.
16. list_images Lists all images.
17. create_cluster Creates a cluster.
18. change_cluster_desired_vm_count Modifies the size of a cluster.
19. delete_cluster Deletes a cluster.
20. get_cluster Obtains the status information of a cluster.
21. list_clusters Lists all clusters.
22. get_cluster_instance Obtains the status information of an instance in a cluster.
23. recreate_cluster_instance Recreates an instance in a cluster.
24. delete_cluster_instance Deletes an instance from a cluster.
25. list_cluster_instances Lists all instances in a cluster.
26. get_quotas Obtains quotas, including available instance types and disk types.
27. easy_list Simple list method
28. poll Poll method

Release note

Batch Compute Python SDK allows Python developers to conveniently use the Python programs to operate Alibaba Cloud Batch Compute.Currently, the SDK supports Python 2.5 or a later version. The complete version list for this SDK is shown below:

SDK version Download URL
v20151111-2.0.8a4 Download