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Overdue payment

Last Updated: May 10, 2018

Overdue payment reminder

Based on the bills generated in the latest 24 hours and the average payable amount, we check whether your registered credit card is valid or your PayPal account has sufficient balance. If insufficient, we send you an email as a reminder.

If you have enabled the balance reminder function, you receive an email notification when your balance is less than your preset amount.

Service suspension policies

If the balance in your PayPal account is less than the amount payable in the previous billing cycle, the Batch Compute service enters the suspended state. Then, we send you an email, reminding you to renew the service as soon as possible. In the suspended state, you cannot create any Batch Compute cluster, or submit a new job to Batch Compute.

Note: If unreleased resources or unfinished jobs continue to run after service suspension, the fee incurred must be paid when you renew the service.

All resources are released if you have not paid off the overdue payment within one day.