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Batch Compute:getQuotas

Last Updated:May 11, 2018

Method description

Obtains quotas of the current user.

Parameter description


Response description

  • If the call succeeds, a GetQuotasResponse instance is returned. You can use the getQuotas method of this instance to obtain the Quotas object.

  • If a failure occurs, a ClientException is thrown.

Sample code

  1. try{
  2. GetQuotasResponse response = client.getQuotas();
  3. //Succeeded
  4. Quotas quotas = response.getQuotas();
  5. }catch(ClientException e){
  6. e.printStackTrace();
  7. // Failed
  8. }

Attributes of Quotas

Attribute Type Description
availableClusterResourceType List Available resource type
availableClusterInstanceType List Available instance type
availableSpotInstanceType List Available spot instance type
availableClusterInstanceSystemDiskType List Available system disk type
availableClusterInstanceDataDiskType List Available data disk type