This topic describes how to use an SSH tool to log on to Bastionhost and access a host for which you want to perform O&M operations. A command-line tool is used as an example.


Bastionhost O&M addresses are obtained. You can obtain these addresses in the O&M Portals section on the Overview page of Bastionhost. For more information, see Log on to Bastionhost.O&M Portals section


  1. Start the command-line tool.
  2. Type ssh <Username to access Bastionhost>@<Bastionhost O&M address> -p60022 and press Enter.
    Start the command-line tool
  3. Type the password of a RAM user and press Enter.
  4. Optional:If multi-factor authentication (MFA) is enabled for the RAM user, type the verification code obtained from the bound MFA device (the Alibaba Cloud app) and press Enter.
    Identity authentication
  5. On the asset management page that appears, select the host for which you want to perform O&M operations by pressing the upward or downward arrow key, and press Enter to access the target host for O&M.
    Select the target host for O&M