Valued Alibaba Cloud Bastionhost users,

To improve O&M efficiency and experience, the default storage and bandwidth specifications of Bastionhost Enterprise Edition are upgraded from June 23, 2021. The upgrade is free of charge.


From June 23, 2021.


The following table describes the differences in specifications before and after the upgrade.
Plan Original specifications New specifications
50 assets
  • Bandwidth: 8 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 1 TB
  • Bandwidth: 12 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 2 TB
100 assets
200 assets
500 assets
  • Bandwidth: 16 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 2 TB
  • Bandwidth: 24 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 3 TB
1,000 assets
2,000 assets
5,000 assets
  • Bandwidth: 32 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 2 TB
  • Bandwidth: 48 Mbit/s
  • Storage: 4 TB
10,000 Assets

Application scope

The upgrade is available only for Bastionhost Enterprise Edition.
  • If a bastion host of the Enterprise edition is purchased on and after June 23, 2021, the new specifications are used by default.
  • If a bastion host of the Enterprise edition is purchased before June 23, 2021, the specifications are automatically upgraded. The upgrade plan starts from June 23, 2021.
    Note To check whether the specifications of your bastion host are upgraded, log on to the Bastionhost console, go to the Storage Management tab of the System Settings page, and then view the storage capacity.


  • The upgrade is free of charge.
  • After the upgrade, the billing method for your bastion host of the Enterprise edition remains unchanged.
  • The upgrade does not affect your business.

Benefits of Bastionhost Enterprise Edition

Bastionhost Enterprise Edition supports the O&M features that are provided by Bastionhost Basic Edition. Bastionhost Enterprise Edition also provides the following benefits to meet higher requirements for business security:
  • Higher business stability. Bastionhost Enterprise Edition uses a dual-engine architecture. Both engines are active, which offers a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.95%.
  • Higher processing performance. Bastionhost Enterprise Edition can maintain up to 10,000 hosts. Bastionhost Basic Edition can maintain only up to 500 hosts.
  • More O&M capabilities. For example, Bastionhost Enterprise Edition allows you to perform O&M operations by using a web terminal and supports automatic password change. You can use automatic password change to regularly rotate passwords, which improves password security.
  • More bandwidth and storage. Bastionhost Enterprise Edition offers you better O&M experience.

How do I upgrade my bastion host from Bastionhost Basic Edition to Bastionhost Enterprise Edition?

  • If you use Bastionhost Basic Edition V3.2, you can go to the Instances page, find your bastion host, and then click Upgrade to upgrade your bastion host to the Enterprise edition. Upgrade
  • In other cases, submit an upgrade request. We will contact you in time and help you complete the upgrade.