ApsaraVideo Live allows you to accelerate website content delivery by using Alibaba Cloud CDN. This topic describes the verification procedure for domain names and related limits. Before you add a domain name to ApsaraVideo Live, you must make sure that the domain name meets the relevant compliance requirements. This prevents losses that can be caused by noncompliance.

Verification procedure

  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud International site (alibabacloud.com). In the left-side navigation pane of the Account Management console, click Real-name Verification. On the Real-name Verification page, complete the real-name verification as prompted.
  2. Apply for an Internet content provider (ICP) filing from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of China. We recommend that you use the Alibaba Cloud ICP Filing system.
  3. Review the content on the origin server of the accelerated domain name. You can store the content in ApsaraVideo Live or an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket. If the origin server is not deployed on Alibaba Cloud, submit a ticket. For more information, see Contact us.
  4. Add a CNAME record for your domain name at the DNS service provider. This ensures that your domain name is mapped to the CNAME that is assigned by ApsaraVideo Live. For more information, see Configure a CNAME record.

Content moderation

The site content of domain names that are added to ApsaraVideo Live must be reviewed. The accelerated domain names that cannot be added to ApsaraVideo Live include but are not limited to the following types:

  • Domain names that cannot be accessed or contain no valid information
  • Domain names that point to servers that host pirated games
  • Domain names of websites that provide multiplayer games and card games
  • Domain names of websites for unauthorized software download
  • Domain names of websites for peer-to-peer (P2P) lending
  • Domain names of unofficial lottery websites
  • Domain names of websites of unlicensed hospitals and pharmaceuticals
  • Domain names of websites that contain illicit content, such as pornography, drugs, and gambling
  • You are legally responsible for the content hosted on your accelerated domain name. Alibaba Cloud CDN regularly reviews content that is contained in domain names. If illicit content is detected from a domain name, Alibaba Cloud CDN immediately disables or blocks the domain name. If the violation is severe, ApsaraVideo Live may even permanently block all domain names that belong to the Alibaba Cloud account.
  • If you add a wildcard domain name, such as *.aliyundoc.com, to ApsaraVideo Live and this wildcard domain name includes a specific domain name, such as demo.aliyundoc.com, that contains illicit content, ApsaraVideo Live disables the wildcard domain name *.aliyundoc.com.
  • If a domain name fails the review, you can check the reason for rejection on the Domain Name Management page in the ApsaraVideo Live console. Then, you can modify the content based on the rejection details and submit the domain name for review again.

Quantity limits

Domain namesYou can add a maximum of 20 domain names within each Alibaba Cloud account. If the average daily peak bandwidth of your domain names exceeds 50 Mbit/s, you can submit a ticket to increase the quota of domain names. Make sure that the quota increase does not incur business risks. For more information about how to submit a ticket, see Contact us.

Domain name reclaim rules

An accelerated domain name has not been visited for more than 90 days. The domain name may run as expected during this period.ApsaraVideo Live automatically disables the domain name but retains the records that are related to the domain name.Enable the domain name.
An accelerated domain name remains disabled for more than 120 days, including the days during which the domain name fails the content review.ApsaraVideo Live automatically deletes the records that are related to the domain name.Add the domain name to ApsaraVideo Live again.