ApsaraVideo Live provides an all-in-one demo for you to experience the features of ApsaraVideo Live, such as live stream pushing, live stream watching across live streaming channels. This topic shows you how to use the demo to experience the features of the AliLiveSDK.

Usage notes

  • A channel service address for testing purposes is built in the demo. Before you test the channel service, you must customize a channel number and user ID. When you test the channel service, select the channel number and user ID you are familiar with. This helps avoid conflicts with the other testers.
  • When you experience the channel service, enter an empty channel as the streamer. Alternatively, enter the channel of an existing streamer as an audience and make sure that the streamer has enabled stream pushing.

Install the demo

Use DingTalk to scan the following QR code to download and install the demo of the AliLiveSDK.


Download the source code

Download the demo package of the AliLiveSDK. For more information, see AliLiveSDK Demo.