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Last Updated: May 19, 2022

ApsaraVideo Live is an audio and video live streaming platform that is developed based on the powerful technology accumulation of Alibaba Cloud. ApsaraVideo Live offers various benefits such as end-to-end coverage, global deployment, security and stability, ultra-low latency, and ultimate high definition.

End-to-end coverage

Based on years of technology accumulation, ApsaraVideo Live provides end-to-end services across multiple channels.

  • ApsaraVideo Live provides a complete set of solutions that cover stream pushing, video processing, content delivery, and video playback.

  • ApsaraVideo Live provides features such as adaptive bitrate streaming for uplink and downlink transmission, Narrowband HD™ template-based transcoding, snapshot capture, recording, time shifting, data monitoring, Real-Time Streaming (RTS), and stream management.

Global deployment

ApsaraVideo Live helps enterprises expand worldwide with global deployment.

  • More than 2,500 content delivery network (CDN) nodes cover major countries around the world, which helps your live streaming business expand worldwide.

  • The live center of ApsaraVideo Live covers nine countries and regions across China, Europe, and Southeast Asia. This allows you to provide live streaming for domestic and overseas customers.

Security and stability

ApsaraVideo Live provides National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) regulation-based live streaming.

  • Multiple security mechanisms ensure the security of video transmission.

  • Second-level and end-to-end monitoring enables you to obtain the real-time status of live streaming.

  • The confluence of multiple live streams ensures the stability of live streaming.

Smooth experience

ApsaraVideo Live supports real-time interaction and the playback of tens of millions of concurrent streams.

  • The ultra-low stuttering rate of playback ensures a smooth live streaming experience.

  • Edge pushing schedules streaming data to the optimal nodes that are nearest to users. This ensures real-time interaction during live streaming.

  • Your live streaming business benefits from a scalable technology architecture and the capability that supports the playback of tens of millions of concurrent streams.

Ultra-low latency

The RTS feature reduces the latency of concurrent live streaming to milliseconds.

  • Millisecond-level latency enables more real-time interaction.

  • Based on extensive CDN nodes both in and outside China, ApsaraVideo Live supports the playback of millions of concurrent streams.

  • The RTS feature is tested by large-scale online business and is mature and stable.

  • You can use the RTS feature by integrating a new SDK with the player, without the need to change the process of stream pushing.

Ultimate high definition

Narrowband HD™ 2.0 enables you to enjoy ultimate high-definition videos at 50 frames per second.

  • The Narrowband HD™ technology is developed based on the human vision model to reduce the bitrate of videos and deliver videos with a higher definition. In addition, the Narrowband HD™ technology saves 20% to 40% of bandwidth without compromising the image quality.

  • The Narrowband HD™ technology uses different policies to optimize the encoding of video images, which diversifies video images.

Panoramic data

Panoramic data enables you to analyze data from multiple dimensions.

  • Panoramic data monitoring provides comprehensive monitoring data, such as bandwidth, traffic, access quality, and the usage of various features.

  • Multi-dimensional data enables you to analyze various data, such as unique visitors (UVs), user distribution, and domain ranking.

  • The features of full log download and real-time log subscription enable you to understand your business data in an all-round manner. This facilitates data statistics and helps you make decisions.

Cutting edge technology

Cutting edge technologies help ApsaraVideo Live lead the video cloud market.

  • ApsaraVideo Live supports time shifting at a granularity accurate to the millisecond and uses the strong verification mode.

  • Traditional tools for video production are transformed in the cloud to deliver the capabilities of cloud-based production studios.

  • 8K live streaming is supported with a resolution up to 7680 × 4320, which delivers more vivid images.

  • The Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol is supported for professional live streaming, and Dolby sound is supported.