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Problem description

When a third-party tool is used for stream ingest, the live streaming delay for the M3U8 format is relatively high, reaching more than 50 seconds.


The latency of live streaming of M3U8 format is in the normal range of 10 to 35 seconds. If the delay exceeds the normal range, try to solve the problem by referring to the following information:


You can adjust the delay setting for live streaming by following these steps:

  1. Login apsaravideo live console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose domain name management. In the left-side navigation pane, choose domain configuration.
  3. On the domain names page, click live streaming delay configuration, and then click modify a configuration.
  4. Try to set the latency of individual protocols to low, and then click confirm save.
    • The actual latency is determined by the latency and the keyframe interval (GOP) of stream ingest. For example, if the rtmp latency is set to the mid-range and the keyframe interval (GOP) is set to 2s, the latency is set to 2s to 6s.
    • If you set the low latency threshold, the frame freezing rate may increase. We recommend that you set the appropriate latency level based on your business needs.
  5. Check whether the latency of live streaming has been improved. If no, you can follow the instructions below to adjust the live delay settings on the stream ingest client.

Stream ingest client

Different third-party tools have different configuration methods, as described in the following sections:

  • OBS
    1. Open the OBS streaming tool menu bar, file option, Select settings.
    2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose output, output mode selection advanced, find keyframe interval option.
    3. Adjustment keyframe interval the value of IS 2, click confirm.
  • FMLE stream ingest tool
    1. Open the FMLE stream ingest tool Encoding Options option.
    2. Click Format options on the right of the settings button, modify Keyframe Frequency the value of the option is 5 seconds.
    3. After the modification, click OK.

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