Queries the basic information about an image based on the image ID. The basic information includes the title, type, creation time, and tags of the image.


OpenAPI Explorer automatically calculates the signature value. For your convenience, we recommend that you call this operation in OpenAPI Explorer. OpenAPI Explorer dynamically generates the sample code of the operation for different SDKs.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes GetImageInfo

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to GetImageInfo.

ImageId String Yes 3e34733b40b*****9a96ccf5c1ff6f69

The ID of the image.

AuthTimeout Long No 3600

The validity period of the image URL. Unit: seconds.

  • If the OutputType parameter is set to cdn:
    • The image URL has a validity period only if URL signing is enabled. Otherwise, the image URL is permanently valid.
    • Minimum value: 1.
    • Maximum value: unlimited.
    • Default value: If you do not set this parameter, the default validity period that is specified in URL signing is used.
  • If the OutputType parameter is set to oss:
    • The image URL has a validity period only if the permissions on the Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket are private. Otherwise, the image URL is permanently valid.
    • Minimum value: 1.
    • Maximum value: 2592000 (30 days). The maximum value is limited to reduce security risks of the origin.
    • Default value: If you do not set this parameter, the default value is 3600.
OutputType String No cdn

The type of the image URL. Valid values:

  • oss: OSS URL
  • cdn (default): Content Delivery Network (CDN) URL

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
ImageInfo Struct

The information about the image.

AppId String app-****

The ID of the application.

AuditStatus String Normal

The review status of the image. Valid values:

  • Normal: The image is approved.
  • Blocked: The image is blocked.
CateId Long 254766071

The ID of the category.

CateName String Test

The name of the category.

CreationTime String 2018-11-21T02:37:23Z

The time when the image file was created. The time follows the ISO 8601 standard in the yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ format. The time is displayed in UTC.

Description String Test description

The description of the image.

ImageId String bbc65bba53f9*****ed90de118a7849

The ID of the image.

ImageType String default

The type of the image. Valid values:

  • CoverSnapshot: thumbnail snapshot.
  • NormalSnapshot: normal snapshot.
  • SpriteSnapshot: sprite snapshot.
  • SpriteOriginSnapshot: sprite source snapshot.
  • All: images of all the preceding types. If this parameter is not set to All, you can specify multiple types and separate them with commas (,).
Mezzanine Struct

The information about the image mezzanine file.

FileSize String 8932

The size of the file. Unit: byte.

FileURL String https://outin-bfefbb*****163e1c7426.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com/image/default/5E84CD536*****D4DAD.png?Expires=1590982353&OSSAccessKeyId=*****&Signature=ALPET74o*****c%3D

The OSS URL of the image.

Height Integer 200

The height of the image. Unit: pixel.

OriginalFileName String ****.gif

The name of the uploaded file.

Width Integer 200

The width of the image. Unit: pixel.

RegionId String cn-shanghai

The region ID.

Status String Uploading

The status of the image. Valid values:

  • Uploading: The image is being uploaded. This is the initial status.
  • Normal: The image is uploaded.
  • UploadFail: The image fails to be uploaded.
StorageLocation String sample.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com

The OSS bucket where the image is stored.

Tags String tag1,tag2,tag3

The tag of the image. Multiple tags are separated by commas (,).

Title String this is a sample

The title of the image.

URL String http://sample.com/image/default/****.gif?auth_key=****

The URL of the image. If a CDN domain name is specified, a CDN URL is returned. Otherwise, an OSS URL is returned.

RequestId String AB99D4DF-FAFA-49*****DC-9C548C1E261E

The ID of the request.


Sample requests

&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

XML format

        <Description>Test description</Description>
        <Title>this is a sample</Title>

JSON format

    "RequestId": "AB99D4DF-FAFA-49*****DC-9C548C1E261E",
    "ImageInfo": {
        "Description": "Test description",
        "Mezzanine": {
            "OriginalFileName": "https://outin-bfefbb*****163e1c7426.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com/image/default/5E84CD536*****D4DAD.png?Expires=1590982353&OSSAccessKeyId=*****&Signature=ALPET74o*****c%3D",
            "Height": 200,
            "Width": 200,
            "FileSize": 8932
        "CreationTime": "2018-11-21T02:37:23Z",
        "ImageId": "bbc65bba53f9*****ed90de118a7849",
        "Title": "this is a sample",
        "CateId": 254766071,
        "CateName": "Test",
        "StorageLocation": "outin-bfefbb*****163e1c7426.oss-cn-shanghai.aliyuncs.com",
        "Tags": "tag1,tag2,tag3",
        "URL": "https://al*****.cn/image/default/5E84CD536*****D4DAD.png?auth_key=159098055*****70a396e834",
        "ImageType": "default"

Error codes

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.

Common errors

The following table describes the common errors that this operation can return.

Error code

Error message

HTTP status code



The specified resource does not exist.


The error message returned because the image does not exist.

SDK examples

We recommend that you use a server SDK to call this operation. For more information about the sample code that is used to call this operation in various languages, see the following topics: