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ApsaraVideo Media Processing:How do I troubleshoot failed video transcoding tasks?

Last Updated:Dec 05, 2018

Troubleshooting steps

  1. If you have used a workflow, see Workflow transcoding task execution errors for troubleshooting information.

  2. If transcoding failed after you used the SubmitJobs API to submit a transcoding job:

    1. Make sure you can play the transcoding source file normally on your local device. This is important. Statistically, most transcoding failures are due to problems with the source file (such as missing video streams or faulty metadata).

    2. Find the relevant error code in the Error code table and analyze the specific cause of failure.

If this does not solve your problem, open a ticket and provide the following information:

  • Job ID. We recommend that you provide the text version ID (find this information by going to MPS console > Transcoding Tasks, and selecting the specific task).

  • Screenshots showing relevant transcoding failure information (find this information by going to the MPS console > Library Settings > Executed Tasks, and selecting the specific workflow to view failed instances).