Queries the network information about an ApsaraDB for Redis instance.


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Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Example Description
Action String Yes DescribeDBInstanceNetInfo

The operation that you want to perform. Set the value to DescribeDBInstanceNetInfo.

InstanceId String Yes r-bp1zxszhcgatnx****

The ID of the instance.

RegionId String No cn-hangzhou

The ID of the region where the instance is deployed.

Response parameters

Parameter Type Example Description
InstanceNetworkType String CLASSIC

The network type. Valid values:

  • CLASSIC: The instance runs in a classic network.
  • VPC: The instance runs in a virtual private cloud (VPC).
NetInfoItems Array of InstanceNetInfo

The list of network information about the instance.

ConnectionString String r-bp1zxszhcgatnx****.redis.rds.aliyuncs.com

The endpoint of the instance.

DBInstanceNetType String 1

The network type of the endpoint. Valid values:

  • 0: the Internet.
  • 1: classic network.
  • 2: VPC.
DirectConnection Integer 0

Indicates whether the address is a private endpoint. Valid values:

  • 0: no.
  • 1: yes.
ExpiredTime String 5183779

The expiration time of the classic network address of an ApsaraDB for Redis instance. Unit: seconds.

IPAddress String 172.16.49.***

The IP address.

IPType String Inner

The network type of the IP address. Valid values:

  • Public: Internet.
  • Inner: classic network.
  • Private: VPC.
Port String 6379

The service port of the ApsaraDB for Redis instance.

Upgradeable String 0

The remaining validity period of the endpoint of the classic network. Unit: seconds.

Note A value of 0 indicates that the endpoint never expires.
VPCId String vpc-bp1nme44gek34slfc****

The ID of the VPC where the instance is deployed.

VPCInstanceId String r-bp1ky7j6qc7umk****

The ID of the instance.

VSwitchId String vsw-bp1e7clcw529l773d****

The ID of the vSwitch.

RequestId String FC77D4E1-2A7C-4F0B-A4CC-CE0B9C314B9B

The ID of the request.


Sample requests

&<Common request parameters>

Sample success responses

XML format

              <IPAddress>172.16.49. ***</IPAddress>

JSON format

	"NetInfoItems": {
		"InstanceNetInfo": [
				"IPType": "Private",
				"VPCInstanceId": "r-bp1ky7j6qc7umk****",
				"VPCId": "vpc-bp1opxu1zkhn00gzv****",
				"DBInstanceNetType": "2",
				"Port": "6379",
				"DirectConnection": 0,
				"Upgradeable": "0",
				"ConnectionString": "r-bp1ky7j6qc7umk****.redis.rds.aliyuncs.com",
				"IPAddress": "172.16.49. ***"
	"RequestId": "500F0FD3-5065-4A1D-A27C-BBC567956068",
	"InstanceNetworkType": "VPC"

Error codes

HttpCode Error code Error message Description
400 InvalidEndTime.Malformed The Specified parameter EndTime is not valid. The error message returned because the format of the end time is invalid. The time must be in GMT. Example: 2011-06-11T16:00Z.

For a list of error codes, visit the API Error Center.