OpenJUMP is an open-source geographic information system (GIS) application written in Java. It provides the built-in map visualization feature for spatial analysis, such as buffer analysis, intersection computing, and union computing. In addition, its plug-in system allows you to customize the functionality as needed.

Add a connection to a Ganos database

  1. Run OpenJUMP. In the top navigation bar, choose File > Open. In the dialog box that appears, click Data Store Layer in the left-side navigation pane.
  2. In the Connection Manager dialog box that appears, click Add.
  3. In the Add Connection dialog box that appears, set connection parameters.

    The following table describes the parameters.

    Parameter Description
    Name The custom name of the connection.
    Driver The driver of the connection. Set this parameter to PostGIS.
    Server The IP address of the database or the public network endpoint of the ApsaraDB for Relational Database Service (RDS) or PolarDB instance. You can obtain the endpoint from the Alibaba Cloud console.
    Port The port number of the database. You can obtain the port number from the Alibaba Cloud console.
    Database The name of the database to be connected.
    User The username used to log on to the database.
    Password The password used to log on to the database.
  4. After setting the parameters, click OK. All layers in the connected Ganos database appear.

View and manage the geospatial data

After OpenJUMP is connected to the Ganos database, you can view and manage the geospatial data. Supported operations include zooming in, zooming out, walkthrough, and symbolic rendering.

You can also query the attributes of a geometry object.