This topic describes how ApsaraDB MyBase helps Social Science Academic Press migrate its business to the cloud.

Customer profile

Social Science Academic Press was established in 1985. It is an academic publishing organization for humanities and social sciences under the leadership of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Since its establishment, Social Science Academic Press has been based on Chinese humanities and social sciences. It is orientated to the scholars outside China and high-end academic research institutions. It is committed to integrating global academic resources, developing academic products, and publicizing academic achievements. This has led the press to be professional, digital, international, and market-oriented. Social Science Academic Press has published more than 2,600 kinds of books every year, and has won many awards such as Chinese Government Award for Publishing and Five-One Project Award.

Customer requirements

  • Independent management
    • Resources are used in exclusive mode so that these resources are isolated from other customer resources.
    • The permissions on the host operating system (OS) can be granted.
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO) can be decreased. CPU overcommitment and resource scheduling can be used to improve resource utilization and the overall TCO of a database.
  • ApsaraDB MyBase can be used in a similar way to self-managed databases. Data in the Internet data center can be migrated to the cloud in a short period of time.

Customer pain points

  • Self-managed MySQL databases are deployed on multiple physical machines. This results in heavy management and operations and maintenance (O&M) workload and low efficiency.
  • The self-managed MySQL databases have low performance. The configuration of database instances is slowly upgraded during traffic spikes. This affects business.
  • Professional database administrators (DBAs) and database architects are available. However, the database scalability, stability, and performance are low and user experience is affected.


Data is migrated from self-managed MySQL databases to ApsaraDB MyBase for MySQL. This provides you with professional services and high performance of ApsaraDB MyBase for MySQL at the price of MySQL Community Edition. The performance of ApsaraDB MyBase for MySQL is 1.5 times higher than MySQL Community Edition.

Customer feedback

Unlike the service of the former databases, ApsaraDB MyBase for MySQL allows us to log on to the hosts and view logs. Exclusive host resources ensure the security of migrating data to the cloud and also reduce the workload of self-managed databases.