This topic describes how ApsaraDB MyBase helps Qutoutiao deal with business challenges, improve operational benefits, and make management efficient.

Customer profile

Qutoutiao aggregates information that covers subjects such as entertainment and lifestyle. Qutoutiao accurately distributes personalized content to emerging-market audiences based on an intelligent data analysis system.


  • A large number of ApsaraDB RDS instances are deployed in test environments. This increases the costs because resource utilization is low and the process for migrating data is complex.
  • Some business requires stress testing before its rollout. However, resource scaling of ApsaraDB RDS instances takes a long time.
  • Business experiences peaks and troughs. If a bottleneck resource exists in a production environment, business requirements during peak hours may fail to be met because temporary scaling takes a long time.


In test environments, Qutoutiao deploys ApsaraDB RDS instances in ApsaraDB MyBase dedicated clusters to meet business requirements.

  • ApsaraDB MyBase enables resource overcommitment to reduce costs.
  • Before business rollouts, Qutoutiao performs stress testing on the business interface. ApsaraDB MyBase enables auto scaling to meet the performance requirements during stress testing. This feature saves time and operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.


  • ApsaraDB MyBase provides a cost-effective database service for the customer. This reduces the costs.
  • ApsaraDB MyBase supports independent O&M on databases. This helps the customer isolate resources.
  • The auto scaling feature improves the overall performance. The customer can configure an overcommitment ratio in a flexible way. This optimizes resource utilization and has little impact on performance.
  • The use of ApsaraDB MyBase in test environments sparks new ideas and solutions. Business traffic experiences peaks and troughs. Fast scaling of database resources helps the customer handle traffic in production environments.