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SDK downloading and usage guide

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2018

SDK downloading and usage guide

Use SDK to call an OpenAPI that is opened through the API Gateway

  1. Note that the OpenAPI here is an API through which you can operate the API gateway. Click to view the API list.
  2. Go to Alibaba Cloud SDK to download the SDK and its user guide.
  3. Go to the “Obtain XXX SDK of a Product” page on Alibaba Cloud SDK page in an appropriate language. If the SDK you want is not listed on the page, click “More…” to find the one.
  4. Choose “User Manual” in an appropriate language on the Alibaba Cloud SDK page to see how to use the SDK.

Use the SDK to call an API opened by yourself or another person through the API Gateway

  1. Note that the API here is bought in the API marketplace or is activated by you or your partner through API Gateway.
  2. You need to download the SDK on SDK generation and downloading page at the API gateway console. For API openers, go to SDK/documentation automatic generation. For non-API openers, go to SDK for which an API is opened. You can go to the “Application Management” page, click the application name, and click Application Details > SDK/Documentation Automatic Generation to generate the SDK.
  3. The SDK user manual is compressed into the SDK compressed package.