On August 23, 2019, the AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL instance type definition was changed. Instances have been changed from being composed of compute groups to being composed of compute nodes. This topic describes the mappings between compute nodes and compute groups.

Compute group is replaced with compute node in the definition to simplify the selection of MPP cluster types and comply with cluster database naming conventions. Each compute node only contains one MPP data partition, which simplifies the selection and use of MPP cluster types. A compute group may contain multiple MPP data partitions based on its type.

Compute group type (no longer used) Compute node type Number of MPP data partitions Total amount of resources
1x2C SSD Two 1-core SSD nodes 2 2-core/16 GB memory/160 GB user storage/320 GB total storage
1x16C SSD Sixteen 1-core SSD nodes 16 16-core/128 GB memory/1,280 GB user storage/2,560 GB total storage
4x4C SSD Four 4-core SSD nodes 4 16-core/128 GB memory/1,280 GB user storage/2,560 GB total storage
2x2C HDD Two 2-core HDD nodes 2 4-core/32 GB memory/2 TB user storage/4 TB total storage
4x4C HDD Four 4-core HDD nodes 4 16-core/96 GB memory/8 TB user storage/16 TB total storage

According to the preceding mappings, compute nodes and compute groups have the same performance, capacity, and price when they share the same amount of resources and same number of partitions.