AnalyticDB for MySQL in combination with Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) provides a solution for TusPass Beijing Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TusPass) to convert big data resources such as passenger, vehicle, transportation line, and station data as well as relevant support resources into commercial resources. This enables TusPass to improve and innovate on their service and empower the development of "Internet Plus urban public transportation".


Found on June 26, 2018, TusPass is a leading solution provider and service operator of intelligent public transportation systems in mainland China. As its business has grown, TusPass has encountered the following challenges:

  • High transaction volumes and high concurrency. TusPass provides the largest urban public transportation system in Beijing, covering the largest number of vehicles, the largest variety of vehicle models, and the most complex billing methods. The public transportation system must process data for tens of millions of passengers per day. During morning and evening peak hours, thousands of concurrent requests are processed per second.
  • Various data sources. TusPass supports more than 20,000 buses, GPS machines and tools of vehicles, and IoT data transmission from sensors.
  • Petabytes of data. It is expected that petabytes of data will be stored, computed, analyzed, and queried on average each year in the future.


To process petabytes of data and meet the requirements of storage, computing, analysis, and query of IoT data, TusPass uses a combination of ApsaraDB services to enable intelligent public transit in Beijing.


  • TusPass uses DRDS to build all business systems. These systems can process large amounts of data and support high concurrency, availability, and scalability.
  • The ticket management console synchronizes user data to AnalyticDB for MySQL in real time. Business personnel can use SQL to compute and analyze user data, obtain real-time passenger flows, perform real-time analysis based on the monitoring information uploaded by bus tools, and then schedule buses. For more information, see What is AnalyticDB for MySQL?


The intelligent public transportation system built based on AnalyticDB for MySQL and DRDS provides the following benefits for TusPass:

  • The Beijing Public Transport app allows passengers to query lines and stations to plan their trip, forecast bus arrival time, and use custom buses.
  • The intelligent business analysis system allows bus ticket personnel to obtain operations status, settlement reports, and monitoring and alerting information in a timely manner.
  • The intelligent real-time passenger flow system automatically analyzes passenger flows, monitors the running status of more than 20,000 buses in Beijing in real time, and generates scheduling schemes based on the running status of vehicles, machines, and tools. This helps dispatchers at stations schedule buses in a more reasonable manner.
  • The real-time big data analysis system enables management personnel to make business decisions in a more efficient manner.