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Starting May 12, 2021, you can purchase DigiCert certificates on the SSL Certificates Service buy page. The DigiCert certificates support the following specifications: Domain Validation (DV) for a single domain, DV for a wildcard domain, Organization Validation (OV) for a single domain, OV for a wildcard domain, and Extended Validation (EV) for a single domain. The last three items are available in both Basic and Pro editions. The prices of certificates vary based on the specifications. The prices on the buy page of SSL Certificates Service shall prevail.

DigiCert, formerly Symantec, is one of the largest certificate authorities (CAs) in the world and is a trustworthy SSL certificate provider. DigiCert adopts industry-leading encryption technologies to their certificates and provides security solutions for various types of websites and servers.

If your business is deployed outside the Chinese mainland, we recommend that you purchase certificates from SSL Certificates Service at International site. For more information about how to select certificates to best suit your business, submit a ticket.