Dear Alibaba Cloud users,

Alibaba Cloud certificates will be available on the SSL Certificates Service buy page in the near future. The following types of certificate specifications are supported: DV single-domain, DV wildcard domain, OV single-domain, and OV wildcard domain. The prices of the certificates vary based on the specifications. The prices on the SSL Certificates Service buy page shall prevail.

The Alibaba Cloud brand will be launched to offer certificates. Alibaba Cloud certificates are built on top of the cloud native architecture of Alibaba Cloud, and can be directly deployed to Alibaba Cloud services with a few clicks. Alibaba Cloud certificates are encrypted by using secure and reliable technology, and are reviewed and issued by GlobalSign, the world-renowned CA. Alibaba Cloud certificates provide various benefits, such as high security, high stability, and outstanding compatibility. Alibaba Cloud certificates can be installed on different types of websites and servers to ensure security.

We recommend that you purchase Alibaba Cloud certificates by using the SSL Certificates Service console. For more information about how to select the certificates that best suit your business, submit a ticket.

Thank you for your support.