Before you use Alibaba Cloud Service Mesh (ASM), take note of its limits. This topic describes the limits on operations and resource quotas of ASM.


The following table describes the limits of ASM.

Operations on an ASM instanceYou cannot perform the following operations on an ASM instance after it is created:
  • Change the virtual private cloud (VPC) or vSwitch of the ASM instance.
  • Enable Internet access for the API server by adding an Internet-facing Server Load Balancer (SLB) instance.
  • Enable Internet access for Istio Pilot by adding an Internet-facing SLB instance.
Resource quota
  • You can create a maximum of 10 ASM instances. To request a quota increase, Join the DingTalk group 30421250.
  • The number of Envoy proxies that you can configure for an ASM instance varies depending on the edition of the ASM instance. For more information, see Billing rules.
Note Before you use ASM, make sure that you can create Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) managed clusters. For more information about limits on ACK clusters, see Limits.