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Alibaba Cloud DNS:Alibaba Cloud DNS

Last Updated:Dec 13, 2022

Alibaba Cloud DNS Overview


Alibaba Cloud DNS is a stable, secure, fast, and extensible domain name system (DNS) service. Alibaba Cloud DNS allows enterprises and developers to resolve easy-to-identify domain names to IP addresses for computer communication. In this way, client requests can be redirected to the corresponding websites or application servers.



Alibaba Cloud DNS servers around the world back up each other to offer a service level agreement (SLA) of 100%.


With more than 10 Tbit/s bandwidth and multiple large traffic scrubbing centers across the globe, Alibaba Cloud DNS can defend against a DDoS attack of over 100 million DNS query requests per second.


Alibaba Cloud DNS deploys DNS servers in 20 locations around the world and uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) anycast. This reduces latency for domain name resolution because DNS queries are routed to the nearest DNS server available.

Global network


Alibaba Cloud DNS servers are available in US East, US West, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong (China), Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Germany, UK, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhangbei, and Chengdu.


Alibaba Cloud DNS provides an extensible API and supports software development kits (SDKs) in multiple languages such as Java, Python, PHP, .NET, and Go.


Alibaba Cloud DNS is composed of two layers: control layer and data resolution layer.

  • Control layer: provides a visual platform for domain name resolution management, allowing you to quickly add, delete, modify, and query DNS records.

  • Data resolution layer: synchronizes your resolution configurations at the control layer in real time to Alibaba Cloud DNS servers deployed across the globe.

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