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Alibaba Cloud DNS:Get started with Alibaba Cloud DNS

Last Updated:Jun 24, 2023

This topic describes how to quickly configure Domain Name System (DNS) settings.

Add DNS records

1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DNS console.

2. Add a domain name.

  • If you register a domain name with Alibaba Cloud, you do not need to add the domain name. Skip this step and go to Step 3.

  • If you register a domain name with a third-party DNS service provider, click Domain Name Resolution in the left-side navigation pane, click Add Domain Name on the Authoritative Domain Names tab, enter a primary domain name in the dialog box, and then click OK.


3. On the Domain Name Resolution page, click DNS Settings in the Actions column of the domain name.


4. On the DNS Settings page, click Quick Start.


5. Select a business type for resolution and configure DNS settings.

  • Add DNS Records for Website: Select a business requirement, select a domain name, enter the IP addresses of your website servers, and then click OK. You can obtain the IP addresses from the service provider of your website servers. Alibaba Cloud DNS automatically creates two website resolution records to point the domain names and to the IP addresses of your website servers.

  • image.png
  • Add DNS Records for Mailbox: Select a mailbox type and click OK. Alibaba Cloud DNS automatically creates a mailbox resolution record to point the domain name to the IP address of your email server.


Note: After you complete the DNS settings for your mailbox, you must contact your email service provider to verify the mailbox.