Before using Alibaba Cloud CLI, you must configure the credential information, region, language, and so on.

Credential type

Alibaba Cloud CLI can use different authentication methods by adding the --mode <authenticationMethod> option after the configure command. The types of credentials supported are shown in the following table.

Authentication method Description Interactive configuration credential (fast) Non-interactive configuration credential
AK Use the AccessKey ID and AccessKey Secret to complete the authentication. Configure AccessKey credential Configure AccessKey credential
StsToken Use the STS Token to complete the authentication. Configure STS token credential Configure STS token credential
RamRoleArn Use the AssumeRole of the RAM account to complete the authentication. Configure RamRoleArn credential Configure RamRoleArn credential
EcsRamRole Use the RAM role of an ECS instance to complete the authentication. Configure EcsRamRole credential Configure EcsRamRole credential
Note AccessKey information is not required for the EcsRamRole credential.

Method of configuring credentials

When you configure a credential in Alibaba Cloud CLI, you can select the following two configuration methods and specify the configured credential type.

  • Interactive configuration (fast): You only need to enter the corresponding value when prompted. This configuration process is convenient and fast.
  • Non-interactive configuration: You must specify the configuration name, credential type, and authentication information required for the corresponding credential.