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Artificial Intelligence Recommendation:Terms

Last Updated:Nov 09, 2022


Customers or tenants who use AIRec. They are represented by their Alibaba Cloud accounts. AIRec provides a multi-tenant structure to ensure data isolation between different customers or tenants.


Users who use the services provided by customers of AIRec. AIRec is a business-to-consumer service. Customers who use AIRec have their own users.


Content that is recommended to users. The content can be commodities, news, or videos.


Behavior logs that are generated for users in customer-provided services.


A set of recommendation service that corresponds to a unique industry and service type. The industry and service type cannot be changed.

service types

you may also like

This type of service is suitable for scenarios where the browsing intention of users is not clear. AIRec learns information about the interest shown by the long-term and short-term behavior of users. Then, AIRec runs training tasks to explore user interests and present diversified content recommendations. Common locations: homepage and product category page.

related recommendations

This type of service is suitable for scenarios where the interest of users has been basically determined. AIRec finds dynamically associated recommendations based on the focus of the interest, such as 1/N commodities or 1/N articles, as well as the results of calculation and analysis on the massive behavior data of users. Then, AIRec finds statically associated recommendations based on the correlation between the attributes and the features of the dynamically associated recommendations. Common location: details page.


AIRec provides differentiated recommendations for different scenes based on functional strategies and user psychology. You can create multiple scenes in an instance. For example, you can select the "you may also like" service type for all commodities on the homepage. You can also select the "you may also like" service type for a specific product category on the channel page.

other services

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