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Artificial Intelligence Recommendation:Instance renewal

Last Updated:Sep 07, 2023


The fee required to renew an Artificial Intelligence Recommendation (AIRec) instance is the same as that required to purchase an AIRec instance. For more information about pricing, see Pricing.


The trial edition can only be used for one month and cannot be renewed after it expires. If you want to continue using the instance, you need to upgrade it to a standard edition.

Fee deduction time

  • Auto-renewal

1. The fee for using an AIRec instance is deducted for the first time at 08:00 of the ninth day before the instance expires. If you plan to pay the fee by using a credit card, make sure that your credit card has sufficient balance. The system deducts the fee for auto-renewal each day during the nine days before the instance expires until the payment for the auto-renewal is completed. You must manually renew your AIRec instance if the instance is about to expire the next day.

2. If you have manually renewed your AIRec instance before the renewal fees are automatically deducted, no renewal fees are automatically deducted until next time the expiration date approaches.

  • Manual renewal

When you renew your AIRec instance, you need to manually pay for them.


Manual renewal

If you do not renew your subscription AIRec instance before the expiration date, your AIRec instance expires. This interrupts your business and causes data loss. For more information about the impacts, see Impacts of expiration and overdue payments.

You can manually renew your AIRec instance before it expires or within seven days after it expires.

Instance renewal procedure

1. Log on to the AIRec console.

2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Instance list. On the Instances page, find the instance that you want to renew and choose More > Renew in the Actions column.

Manual renewal 13. On the Renew page, specify the renewal duration, read and select AIRec Terms of Service, and then click Buy Now. Manual renewal 24. On the Purchase page, complete the payment.

Enable auto-renewal and modify auto-renewal duration

If you enable auto-renewal for instances, you do not need to manually renew the instances on a regular basis. Auto-renewal also helps prevent service interruptions that occur if you fail to renew instances in a timely manner.

Enable auto-renewal

  • Enable auto-renewal when you purchase an instance

When you purchase an AIRec instance, you can select the Auto-renewal check box.Auto-renewal 2

  • Enable auto-renewal after you purchase an instance

After you enable auto-renewal for an AIRec instance, the system automatically renews the instance based on the renewal duration that you specified. For example, if you select a three-month renewal duration, you are charged for a three-month subscription for each renewal.

1. Log on to the AIRec console.

2. In the top navigation bar, choose Expenses > Renewal Management. 2. Renewal Management 23. Click the Manual or Nonrenewal tab, find the instance that you want to renew, and then click Enable Auto Renewal in the Actions column. 3. Enable auto-renewal after you purchase an AIRec instance4. In the dialog box that appears, specify Unified Auto Renewal Cycle and click Auto Renew.

Modify the auto-renewal duration

1. Log on to the AIRec console.

2. In the top navigation bar, choose Expenses > Renewal Management.

3. On the Renewal page, click the Auto tab. On the Auto tab, find the instance whose auto-renewal duration you want to modify, and click Edit Auto Renewal in the Actions column.

4. In the Edit Auto Renewal dialog box, modify the auto-renewal duration and click OK.