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Artificial Intelligence Recommendation:FAQ related to quotas

Last Updated:Nov 09, 2022

FAQ related to quotas

1. What does AIRec do if QPS exceeds a specified quota?

If queries per second (QPS) exceeds the quota that you purchased, AIRec performs throttling to deny the queries beyond the quota.

If the number of users or items exceeds the quota that you purchased, all ADD and UPDATE messages that are initiated by using an SDK fail to be sent but DELETE messages can be sent.

We recommend that you use Cloud Monitor to configure alerts. After the quota you purchased is exceeded, you can immediately receive a notification and take measures.

2. Can I increase only quotas in the user table in Junior Edition?

No. Junior Edition has only one specifications: 1 million users, 1 million items, and 2 QPS.

3. How do I check whether QPS exceeds a specified quota? Is the returned result empty if the quota is exceeded? What do I do if this issue occurs?

a. To prevent empty results when the quota is exceeded, you can define workaround policies in advance and use Cloud Monitor to check whether the quota is exceeded. You can also check the quota in the AIRec console, as shown in the following figure.Basic Information

b. If QPS exceeds the quota, for example, 11 queries are sent in one second, only the results for the first 10 queries are provided. No result is returned for the last query.

c. If the number of items or users exceeds the quota, data writing stops. AIRec pushes only the documents that contain the delete command word and deletes unnecessary documents. You can also upgrade instance configurations to resolve this issue.

d. Workaround policy: If no recommendation results are returned, AIRec selects some items from its library and recommends these items to users.