After performing lifecycle operations in the Enterprise Distributed Application Service (EDAS) console, such as application deployment, startup, scale-out or scale-in, you can go to the Application Details page to check the change status or go to the Change Logs page to check historical change logs.

View change details

The following uses an example of application deployment to describe how to view application changes.

  1. After changing the application information, return to the Application Details page.
    At the top of the Application Details page, the message A change process is being executed for this application. Status: Executing appears.
  2. Click View Details. The Change Details page appears, on which you can view the change to the application and its real-time status.
    • Change summary: includes the change process ID, execution status, and change type.
    • Change Process Execution Information: includes each stage of the entire process and specific jobs of each stage.
      • If a job is performed on a single instance, the execution job and the result are identified by icon in each stage.
      • If a job is performed on multiple instances, the execution job and result are displayed by instance in each stage.
  3. On the left of the change process execution section, click a stage below Batch X, click the instance IP address on the right, and view the task execution status of the instance in this stage.
  4. Click a task to view the task execution log.
    The system automatically unfolds logs for failed tasks. For exceptions, see Change failure troubleshooting guide.

View application change logs

  1. On the Application Details page, click Change Logs in the left-side navigation pane to view all change logs of this application.
  2. In the Actions column, click View to view the change details and details of the operations.