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View application changes

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2019

After lifecycle operations in the EDAS console, such as application deployment, starting, scale-out or scale-in, you can go to the Application Details page to check the change status or go to the Change Logs page to check historical change logs.

View application changes

The following uses an example of application deployment to describe how to view application changes.

  1. Return to the Application Details page.

    At the top of the Application Details page, the message A change order is being executed is displayed.

  2. Click Details. On the Change Details page, check change information and real-time status of the application.

    The page contains two areas: change summary and change process execution information.

    • Change summary: includes the change order ID, execution time, batch number, and batch mode (manual or automatic trigger).
    • Change process execution information: includes each stage of the entire process.For example, Process Start, SLB Offline, Deploy, SLB Online, and Process Complete are included.The execution results of each stage are identified by icons.

      • : indicates that the step is completed successfully.
      • Running: indicates that the step is being executed.
      • X : indicates that the step failed.Click View Details to check specific information and locate failure causes.

      Deploy is a virtual stage.

  3. Click View Details under Deploy to check the execution process and stages of an application.

    Note: Host indicates application instance information.

  4. Click View Log under a specific stage of the application instance to check task execution logs.

    Click a task, such as Start Application Instance. The task execution log is displayed in the right-side area.

View application change logs

  1. On the Application Details page, click Change Logs in the left-side navigation pane to check the logs of all application changes.

  2. You can click View in the Actions column to check change orders and details about actions.