Alibaba Cloud Function Compute provides the version management feature to help you efficiently manage services, functions, and triggers. The version management feature allows you to complete most continuous integration and continuous delivery tasks in the software development lifecycle.


A version is equivalent to a snapshot of a service. It includes configurations of the service and the code and configurations of functions created for the service, but does not include triggers. When you publish a version, the Function Compute instance generates a snapshot for the service and automatically assigns a version number to associate with the snapshot for future use. A published version cannot be modified. The version number monotonically increases and will not be reused.

Function Compute provides service-level version management, allowing you to publish one or more versions for your service. For example, without the version management feature, every change in a service affects the production environment immediately, preventing you from controlling the publication timing. With the version management feature, you can serve online requests by publishing a stable service version after the test results become stable. In addition, you can continue to develop and test the LATEST version.



  • A new service has only one version, that is, the LATEST version. Before you publish any version of the service, the LATEST version is the only service version that you own. The LATEST version cannot be deleted.
  • A published version cannot be modified.