Cloud Connect Network (CCN) is another important component of Smart Access Gateway. It is a device access matrix composed of Alibaba Cloud distributed access gateways. You can add multiple Smart Access Gateway (SAG) devices to a CCN instance and then attach the CCN instance to a Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) instance to connect the local branches to the Alibaba Cloud.

You must specify an area when buying an SAG device or creating a CCN instance. Each SAG area corresponds to a country, while a CEN area contains one or more Alibaba Cloud regions. The relationships between CCN areas and CEN areas are shown in the following table.

A CCN instance and a CEN instance can directly communicate with each other and no cross-area bandwidth is required if the CCN instance and the CEN instance are in the same area. For example, to connect a local branch in Hangzhou to a VPC in Shanghai, you just need to bind the CCN instance to which the Smart Access Gateway is bound to the CEN instance where the VPC is located.

  • Currently, Smart Access Gateway is available only in Mainland China.
  • Cross-area connection through Smart Access Gateway is not supported.
CCN area CEN area Regions in the CEN area
Mainland China Mainland China

China (Qingdao)

China (Beijing)

China (Zhangjiakou)

China (Shenzhen)

China (Hangzhou)

China (Shanghai)

China (Hohhot)

China (Hong Kong) Asia Pacific China (Hong Kong)
Singapore Singapore
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Japan (Tokyo) Japan (Tokyo)
India (Mumbai) India (Mumbai)
North America North America US (Silicon Valley)
US (Virginia)
Europe Europe Germany (Frankfurt)
Australia Australia Sydney