Tracing Analysis provides developers of distributed applications with tools such as trace restore, request count, trace topology, and application dependency Analysis. it helps developers quickly analyze and diagnose performance bottlenecks in distributed application architectures, and improves the development and diagnosis efficiency in the micro-services era.


The following figure shows the architecture of link tracing.

Figure 1. Architecture of link tracing
Tracing Analysis Workflow

The main workflow is as follows:

  • The client-side application reports service call data through the multi-language Client SDK integrated with link tracing. Link tracing supports SDKs from multiple open source communities and OpenTracing standards.
  • After the data is reported to the link tracing console, the link tracing component performs real-time aggregate computing and persistence to generate monitoring data such as link details, Performance Overview, and real-time topology. You can perform troubleshooting and diagnosis accordingly.
  • The call link data can be connected to downstream Alibaba cloud products, such as LogSearch, CloudMonitor, and MaxCompute, for offline analysis and alarm scenarios.


Link tracing provides the following features:

  • Distributed call chain query and diagnosis: traces all user requests in the distributed architecture and aggregates them into distributed call chains.
  • Real-Time Summary of application performance: by tracking user requests of an application, you can summarize individual services and resources that make up an application in real time.
  • Dynamic Discovery of distributed topology: all your distributed microservice applications and PaaS products can trace and collect distributed call information.
  • Multi-language development program access: Based on OpenTracing standard, fully compatible with open-source communities, such as Jaeger and Zipkin.
  • Various downstream integration scenarios: The Collected links can be directly used for log analysis, and can be connected to downstream analysis platforms such as MaxCompute.