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Global settings

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

Global settings provide the parameters related to the overall running status of GTM.

Primary domain name

(Required) In normal cases, the primary domain name must be resolved to the domain name of the GTM instance in CNAME mode to implement traffic scheduling.

Balancing policy

When an address pool of GTM has multiple IP addresses, you can decide whether to distribute traffic to those IP addresses evenly or based on different proportions determined by the weights of the IP addresses.

Select the load balancing policy for even traffic distribution, unless otherwise specified.
If an application service is accessed by users all over a country or users in the world, you can select the weighted round robin policy based on the IP address processing capability.
Note: If users concentrate in a specific area, for example, Beijing, select the load balancing policy instead of the weighted round robin policy; otherwise, a single IP address may exceed the traffic threshold.

Global TTL

GTM provides services externally in the form of domain names. The global TTL refers to the validity period of an IP address resolved from a domain name in the cache of the DNS system of an operator. The default TTL is 1 minute.

Alert group

The alert group information refers to the information about the alert group you configured. It is read from CloudMonitor. When GTM detects an IP address exception or address pool unavailability through health check, it notifies the contacts in the alert group.