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Global settings

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2018

After creating a GTM instance, you need to make global settings for the instance.


  1. Log on to the GTM console.
  2. On the Instance List page, click Configure on the right to go to the Instance Configuration page.
  3. On the Global Settings tab, click Modify. The edit box is displayed.
  4. Configure an instance name. The instance name is an ID used to identify the instance used for an application service, for example, an official website.
  5. Configure a primary domain name. The primary domain name is a domain name used for accessing the application service. Enter the actual primary domain name.
  6. Select a load balancing policy. When the application service has more than two IP addresses, you can select either the even traffic allocation or weighted round robin allocation mode. The default value is one minute.
  7. Select a global TTL value. It indicates the TTL effective time when the domain name of the GTM instance is resolved to an IP address. The default value is one minute.
  8. Select an alert group. An alarm group is the object to whichthe notification is sent when the GTM instance has an exception. The alert group you set here is used or the system automatically reads the alerting contact group you created in the CloudMonitor product.