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What is Global Traffic Manager?

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2018

You can use Global traffic Manager(GTM) to route the user access traffic of an application service to different IP addresses. GTM supports access addresses of both Alibaba Cloud products and non-Alibaba Cloud products, and helps you build a hybrid cloud application quickly and conveniently.

GTM uses the DNS smart resolution and the application service’s running status health check to direct the user access request to the most appropriate IP address. GTM provides smart resolution based on the network area and health check based on ping, TCP, or HTTP(S). It can be used to build same-city multi-active and remote disaster recovery services flexibly and quickly.

Based on DNS, GTM uses DNS to return the specific service IP address to the user. The user at the client can directly connect to the service IP address. GTM itself is not a proxy or a gateway device, and thus the network traffic between the user at the client and the application service is invisible to GTM.