From the penalty list of the Alibaba Cloud Security Control console, you can view the penalty records of ECS instances in your Alibaba Cloud account corresponding to the source IP addresses. This includes the penalty records of network-wide interception of the source IP addresses corresponding to the ECS instances in the current Alibaba Cloud account.

Background information

From the penalty records, you can view the detailed penalty results, reason, and duration. If you disagree with the penalty results, you can click Feedback to file an appeal. We will review the penalty records for a second time to determine their correctness and effectiveness and will judge whether to maintain or immediately stop the penalty.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud Security Control console.
    Note Move your cursor to the account icon in the upper-right corner of the Alibaba Cloud console, and click Security Console to go to the Alibaba Cloud Security Control console.
  2. Choose Penalty Search > Penalties List. In the Host IP Address text box, enter the IP address of the ECS instance in your Alibaba Cloud account, and click Query. If the ECS instance has been associated with risky behaviors and is being penalized, you can view penalty records corresponding to the IP address.
  3. Select penalty records and click Feedback to apply for the second review of the penalty.