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What can I do if audio and video signals are out of synchronization during live streaming

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2020


This topic describes how to troubleshoot the problem where audio and video signals are out of synchronization during live streaming.

Problem description

The audio and video streams during video playback are not synchronized.


  1. The live broadcast process is that the live broadcast center actively pulls streams from the live stream and performs the live broadcast. Currently, the audio and video in the live broadcast are out of synchronization. This phenomenon does exist when you watch the live stream.

  1. Check the stream ingest. If the stream ingest is stable, check whether the audio and video timestamps match during the period when the problem occurs.

  1. You may find that multiple audio frames are skipped during this period, resulting in mismatches between the audio and video timestamps.

  1. Re-ingest the stream. Restart the encoder on the client and check whether the ingested stream is normal. If the ingested stream is normal, an exception occurs to the decoder on the client, resulting in audio frame skipping.

  1. The audio and video frames in the original stream are sequenced in order. The order in which the audio and video frames are appended by the appendBuffer operation determines the order in which they are added for each mode value. Audio and video timestamps are generated automatically for the audio and video frames that observe this order.

Application scope

  • Live video streaming