Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is seamlessly integrated with Function Compute. You can configure processing functions for various CDN events and filter events by parameters such as the domain name in an event to receive only the data in the specified domain. When the CDN system receives an event that is of the specified type and meets the filtering criteria, the CDN event trigger automatically triggers the execution of the specified function to process the events.


In this example, Object Storage Service (OSS) is used as the origin. You can alternatively use your own web server as the origin.

You can create a bucket in OSS and use the domain name as the origin. Then, add a domain name for CDN to the origin. After you configure a CDN event trigger, every time the CDN service generates an offline log file in the specified domain name for CDN, the CDN event triggers Function Compute to dump the CDN offline logs.

The example helps you understand how to use a CDN event trigger to process CDN events.

Configure a trigger

You can configure a trigger in Function Compute by using the following methods:

  • Configure a trigger in the Function Compute console.
  • Use Funcraft to configure a trigger. For more information, see Funcraft.
  • Use the fcli command-line tool to configure a trigger. For more information, see fcli.
  • Use the SDK to configure a trigger. For more information, see SDK list.