This topic describes the billing methods of basic services and related considerations.

CDN data transfer plans

Alibaba Cloud CDN supports data transfer plans. For more information, visit CDN Data Transfer Plan.Banner

Purchase basic services

Basic services support two billing methods: Pay by Traffic and Pay by Bandwidth. For more information about pricing, see CDN pricing.

Billing methods

Billing method Description Scenario
Pay by Bandwidth Basic services are billed based on the daily peak bandwidth. A bandwidth value is calculated at intervals of 5 minutes. A total of 288 values can be obtained each day. The maximum value is used as the daily peak bandwidth. The CDN traffic curve is relatively flat, and the daily bandwidth usage exceeds 30%.
Pay by Traffic Basic services are billed based on the amount of daily outbound data from CDN nodes. Large fluctuations and bandwidth spikes exist in the CDN traffic curve, and the daily bandwidth usage is less than 30%.
Data transfer plan You can make a one-off payment for a data transfer plan. The data transfer plan is valid for one year. The data transfer plan is available only when the billing method is Pay by Traffic. If the current billing method is Pay by Bandwidth, the unused quota in your purchased plan will be frozen until you change the billing method to Pay by Traffic.
  • Bandwidth usage = Data usage (GB)/(Peak bandwidth (Mbit/s) × 10.54). If the bandwidth is 1 Mbit/s and the daily bandwidth usage is 100%, the data usage is 10.54 GB per day.
  • Only the outbound data from CDN nodes is billed.


The amount of data that is billable is higher than the amount of data recorded in logs. This is because only the amount of data captured at the application layer is reflected in the logs. However, the billable data also includes the amount of data consumed to transmit the additional TCP and IP headers and to retransmit TCP packets. For more information, see Differences between billable data transfer and data transfer recorded in logs.