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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2019


The Intelligent Speech Interaction console is a tool that Alibaba Cloud provides for you to create and manage speech recognition projects, add hotwords, and customize models on webpages. This document briefly introduces various graphical user interface (GUI) elements in the console, and then describes how to manage speech recognition projects in the console. To enable dialect recognition for a project, configure the speech recognition model of the project in the console.

After you log on to the console, the All Projects page appears. Currently, no projects have been created.** You can see projects as applications. Later topics will describe how to create projects.

Console interface

Generate an access token in the console

  • To obtain an access token, click Obtain AccessToken on the All Projects page. This token can be used by all projects. Tokens obtained in this way are for testing purposes only. In the production environment, tokens must be obtained by using the SDK. For more information, see Obtain a token.
  • Tokens generated in the console are for testing purposes only and are valid only for a certain period of time. A 403 error will be returned if an expired token is used. In this case, refresh the page and obtain a new token.

Obtain an access token

Manage projects

You can create and manage projects on the All Projects page. The projects created recently are displayed under Recent Projects in the left-side navigation pane. For more information, see Manage projects.

All projects

Manage hotwords

Choose My Resources > Hotwords in the left-side navigation pane. The Hotwords page appears, displaying the hotword vocabularies that you have created. Hotwords are divided into categorized hotwords (names of people and places) and extended hotwords.

Manage hotwords

For more information, see Manage hotwords.

Manage custom models

Choose Custom My Resources > Custom Models in the left-side navigation pane. The Custom Models page appears.On this page, you can purchase and train custom models.

Manage custom models

To create a custom model, click Create Model, and then set relevant parameters in the dialog box that appears. For more information, see Manage custom models.

View the service statistics

After you have used Intelligent Speech Interaction services, you can click Service Statistics in the left-side navigation pane to view the usage of each service in a recent period of time. For example, you can view the service time of a service. You can also view the total number of calls and the number of concurrent calls for a service. For more information, see View service statistics.

Activate services and purchase resource packages

Activate services and purchase resource packages

Currently, Intelligent Speech Interaction is under open beta testing. You can use related services for free as long as the service usage does not exceed the specified quota. Intelligent Speech Interaction provides the following services:

  • Speech recognition services: short sentence recognition, real-time speech recognition, and recording file recognition.

Speech recognition services

  • Speech synthesis service

Speech synthesis service

For more information, see Activate services and purchase resource packages.

View the documentation

To facilitate development, you can get links to the topics in this documentation when you perform related operations in the console.