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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Data Lake Analytics 1.0.0


  1. Support analytics OSS files
  2. Support joint analytics across multiple OSS buckets
  3. Allow query results to be written to OSS
  4. Support analytics of Table Store files
  5. Support analytics of RDS tables
  6. Support joint analytics across multiple data sources


Core Functions

  1. Support PolarDB
  2. Support Redis Connector
  3. Support MongoDB
  4. Support logical view
  5. Support Mysql8.0 protocol
  6. Guided table creation with support for OSS
  7. Support public datasets

Incremental Improvements

  1. Support json_extract function for MongoDB
  2. Support a function that maps IP addresses to regions/countries
  3. Support PreparedStatement
  4. Optimized OSS API calling
  5. Support limiting the number of partitions created at once
  6. Support alter partition
  7. Support logstash


Enhanced User Experience

  1. Next-generation console UI, simplified workflow design
  2. A prompt window for release notes, never miss any key features
  3. Redesigned account management capabilities
  4. A new interactive SQL execution interface, optimized for data discovery
  5. GUI wizard for creating schemas and external tables
  6. GUI support for deleting tables/schemas
  7. Enhanced ETL workflow with new functions such as INSERT OVERWRITE SELECT

Deeper Ecosystem Integration

  1. Support joint analytics across multiple data sources, including but not limited to OSS, TableStore, AnalyticDB, RDS (for MySQL, PostgresSQL, SQL Server), Redis, MongoDB, PolarDB
  2. Support job orchestration via DataWorks, providing better job view and manageability
  3. Integration with Function Compute to support serverless workflow
  4. Integration with MNS and ONS messaging system for communication efficiency