Deletes the imported key material.

  • This operation does not cause the deletion of the specified CMK.
  • If the specified CMK is in PendingDeletionstate, this operation does not change the CMK’s state or the scheduled deletion time. If the CMK is not in PendingDeletion state,it changes the CMK’s state to PendingImport.
  • After you delete the key material, you can reimport the same key material into the CMK. You cannot import a different key material.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
KeyId String Yes Globally unique identifier of the CMK.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RequestId String The ID of this request.


Request example
&KeyId=<external key id>
&<Common Request Parameters>

Response example

JSON format

//json response
        "RequestId": "4162a6af-bc99-40b3-a552-89dcc8aaf7c8"

XML format

//xml response