Easy to Use

  • Compatible with NoSQL. You can directly manipulate JSON and XML data using SQL.

  • Accurate geolocation is achieved by the PostGIS extension that supports spatial data types and related spatial functions.

  • Support multiple extensions, which satisfy the needs of various application scenarios.

  • Supports unlimited storage expansion with OSS cloud storage.

  • Seamlessly integrates with other Alibaba Cloud mainstream products to easily implement complex business applications.

Outstanding Performance

  • Supports hybrid row-column storage. In OLAP analysis, the performance of column storage is up to 100 times that of row storage.

  • Supports high-performance parallel import of OSS data to avoid single-channel import performance bottlenecks.

  • With a cost-based SQL query optimizer, multi-table join query performance is several times higher than MySQL.

  • You can expand the calculation unit, CPU, memory, and storage space in the same ratio as required to improve OLAP performance.

Safety and Stability

  • Supports distributed ACID data consistency, cross-node transaction consistency, dual-node data redundancy, and SLA-guaranteed 99.9% availability.

  • Implements unattended failover and disaster recovery with the active-standby architecture.

  • Provides secure infrastructure with distributed deployment and protection of computing units, servers, and cabinets.

  • Supports SQL auditing, field-level access isolation, and IP address whitelisting for protection against DDoS attacks.