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Last Updated: Jul 01, 2019

Currently, Image Search supports three search methods for testing: Using the API, Using the SDK, and using the console . We recommend that you use the SDK to perform search.

Using the API

You can use the API to send requests based on HTTP or HTTPS protocol to access the Image Search service. This method requires you to send your request by using the specified authentication mode and POST body format. For more information, see API Reference.

Using the SDK

Currently, Image Search only supports JAVA SDKs. We recommend this method because it is user-friendly, without authentication and body format requirements. For more information, see SDK Reference.

Using the console

After inserting images to your Image Search instance, you can test your image search on the Test Service page.
You can enter options, such as Category, Start Number, and Show Results, specify your search image, and then click Start Test. Search results will be displayed in the right area. You can click Start Test on the Test Service page to test your image search.