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Create instances

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2019


Make sure you have an Alibaba Cloud authenticated account.


  1. Log on to the Image Search console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, select a search mode (product search or generic search), and click Create Instance.

  3. Select a region on the Purchase page.

    Note: Instances in different regions cannot communicate with each other. Once you select a region to host your instance, you cannot change the region.

  4. Select Query Frequency and Capacity.

    Note: The pricing and resources of the instance vary depending on the query frequency and capacity you seclected. Currently, an instance supports a maximum of 5 queries per second and 10 million images (10 million images refer to image number rather than product number for product search mode).

  5. Enter an instance name.

    Note: An instance name can be 4 to 32 characters in length and can contain lowercase letters and numbers. It must start with a lowercase letter, for example, imagesearch12138.

  6. Select Package type, Package and Duration.

  7. Click Buy Now.

    Note: The system automatically initializes all purchased instances. To manually initialize an instance with a status of New or Initialization Failed, go to the instance list or the Instance Details page, and click Initialize.

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