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Create instances

Last Updated: Jul 15, 2020


Make sure you have an Alibaba Cloud authenticated account.


  1. Log on to the Image Search console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, select a search mode (product search or generic search), and click Create Instance.

  3. Select a region on the Purchase page.

    Note: Instances in different regions cannot communicate with each other. Once you select a region to host your instance, you cannot change the region.

  4. Select Query Frequency and Capacity.

    Note: The pricing and resources of the instance vary depending on the query frequency and capacity you selected. Currently, an instance supports a maximum of 10 queries per second and 50 million images (50 million images refer to image number rather than product number for product search mode). You can apply for increasing the maximum query capacity separately.

  5. Enter an instance name.

    Note: An instance name can be 4 to 32 characters in length and can contain lowercase letters and numbers. It must start with a lowercase letter, for example, imagesearch12138.

  6. Select Package type, Package and Duration.

  7. Click Buy Now.

    Note: The system automatically initializes all purchased instances. To manually initialize an instance with a status of New or Initialization Failed, go to the instance list or the Instance Details page, and click Initialize.