In the Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) console, you can add DCDN domain names, refresh the cache, and perform configurations. It also provides real-time resource monitoring based on data analytics. This article describes the DCDN console.


Logging on to the DCDN console directs you to an overview of your account’s DCDN running status.

This page shows the following information:
  • Yesterday’s basic data
    • Peak bandwidth
    • Total traffic
  • Yesterday’s total number of requests
    • Number of static HTTP requests
    • Number of static HTTPS requests
    • Number of dynamic HTTP requests
    • Number of dynamic HTTPS requests
Left-side navigation pane:
Item Description
Domain Names Allows you to add, configure, delete, or modify information and configurations of DCDN domain names.
Resource Monitoring Displays the real-time acceleration parameters of the basic CDN, including peak bandwidth, total traffic, and hit rate.
Refresh and Push Allows you to perform the refresh and push operations.
Logs Allows you to download DCDN logs.