Instance state Description
Creating Creating
DBInstanceClassChanging Changing the instance configuration
DBInstanceNetTypeChanging Switching the network type
Deleting Deleting
EngineVersionUpgrading Upgrading the engine
GuardSwitching DR switching
HASwitching Primary/secondary switching
Importing Importing data
ImportingFromOthers Importing a database
LinkSwitching Link switching
MinorVersionUpgrading Upgrade to a minor version
NET_CREATING Creating a network connection
NET_DELETING Deleting a network connection
NodeCreating Creating a node in an instance
NodeDeleting Deleting a node in an instance
Rebooting Restarting
Restoring Recovering data from a back up
Running Running
SSLModifying Changing SSL
TempDBInstanceCreating Creating Temporary instances
Transing Migrating
TransingToOthers Migrating a database