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Last Updated: Dec 07, 2017


This API supports replica set instances only.

Input parameters

NameTypeRequired or notDescription
ActionStringYesRequired parameter; value: ModifyDBInstanceSpec.
DBInstanceIdStringYesID of the instance to be upgraded/downgraded
DBInstanceClassStringNoInstance specification. For optional values: see the attached table of instance specification.
OrderTypeStringNoType of configuration change:
- Upgrade: Upgrade
- Downgrade: Downgrade
- The default value is Degrade. For yearly/monthly subscribed instances, this parameter cannot be left blank. For Pay-As-You-Go instances, this parameter can be left blank.
DBInstanceStorageIntegerNo- Custom storage space; value range: [5, 1,000] for ApsaraDB for MongoDB.
- 5-GB increments. Unit: GB.

Response parameters

Public response parameters-For more information, see public response parameters.
OrderIdStringOrder ID