Alibaba Cloud offers Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks and classic networks.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

VPCs are isolated networks established in Alibaba Cloud and logically isolated from each other. You can customize the topology and IP addresses in a VPC. We recommend VPC if you are skilled in network management and have higher network security requirements.

For more information about VPC, see Virtual Private Cloud documentation.

Classic network

A classic network is majorly deployed in the public infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud, which is responsible for its planning and management. We recommend classic networks if your business requirements are high in terms of network usability.

If you did not purchase an ECS instance before 17:00 (UTC+8) on June 14, 2017, you cannot choose the Classic network option.

VPC vs. Classic networks

The following table lists all the functional differences between the VPCs and classic networks.

Items VPC Classic network
Two-layer logic isolation Supported Not supported
Custom private network blocks Supported Not supported
Private IP addresses Unique within one VPC. Replicable between VPCs. Unique in the global Classic network
Communicate within or between private networks Able to communicate within a VPC, but isolated between VPCs Able to communicate in one region and under one account
Tunneling Supported Not supported
Custom router Supported Not supported
Routing table Supported Not supported
Switches Supported Not supported
SDN Supported Not supported
Self-built NAT gateway Supported Not supported
Self-built VPN Supported Not supported