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High load issue

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017

You can allow ECS instances to connect to your ApsaraDB for MongoDB instance by using Data Management or Mongo shell. This article takes the scenarios using Mongo shell as examples.

CPU usage is high. How can I view the operations performed by the instance?

Use Mongo shell to connect to the instance, and run mongo-test:PRIMARY> db.currentOp() to view operations currently performed by the instance. Typical cases that cause high load on an instance:

  • The number of concurrent requests is too large, which exceeds the service capability of the current instance type.

  • Indexes are not properly created. When you query sets, the whole table is scanned or sorted.

  • The instance is running MapReduce or aggregation tasks that need massive computation workload.

  • Ongoing operations contain the opid field. You can kill an operation using the corresponding opid field.

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