The streaming panel service provides a series of operations. You can call these operations to create and configure streaming panels, edit videos, generate videos, query the information about streaming panels, and manage streaming panels. In addition, the streaming panel service provides operations for lightweight carousel playback.

Use the streaming panel service

You can call operations to create and use streaming panels by performing the following steps:
  1. Call the CreateCaster operation to create a streaming panel and call the SetCasterConfig operation to configure the streaming panel.
  2. Call the AddCasterVideoResource operation to add a video source to the streaming panel.
  3. Call the AddCasterLayout operation to add a layout to the streaming panel.
  4. Call the StartCaster operation to start the streaming panel.
  5. Call the StopCaster operation to stop the streaming panel.

Operations for streaming panels in studio mode

Key operations
Operation Description
CreateCaster Creates a streaming panel.
SetCasterConfig Sets all parameters for a streaming panel.
AddCasterVideoResource Adds a video source to a streaming panel.
SetCasterChannel Configures a channel of a streaming panel.
AddCasterLayout Adds a layout to a streaming panel.
AddCasterComponent Adds a component to a streaming panel.
StartCaster Starts a streaming panel.
UpdateCasterSceneConfig Modifies a scene of a streaming panel.
CopyCasterSceneConfig Copies the configuration of a scene in a streaming panel.
DescribeCasterStreamUrl Queries the streaming URLs of a streaming panel.
DescribeCasters Queries the information about streaming panels.
StopCaster Stops a streaming panel.
DeleteCaster Deletes a streaming panel.
Commonly used operations
Operation Description
ModifyCasterVideoResource Modifies a video source of a streaming panel.
DeleteCasterVideoResource Removes a video source from a streaming panel.
DescribeCasterVideoResources Queries the video sources of a streaming panel.
ModifyCasterLayout Modifies a layout of a streaming panel.
DeleteCasterLayout Removes a layout from a streaming panel.
DescribeCasterLayouts Queries the information about a specified layout or all layouts of a streaming panel.
ModifyCasterComponent Modifies a component of a streaming panel.
DeleteCasterComponent Removes a component from a streaming panel.
DescribeCasterComponents Queries the components of a streaming panel.
DescribeCasterConfig Queries the configurations of a streaming panel.
DescribeCasterScenes Queries the information about a scene of a streaming panel.
SetCasterSceneConfig Sets all parameters for a scene of a production studio.
DeleteCasterSceneConfig Clears the configurations for a scene of a streaming panel.
StopCasterScene Stops a specified scene.
StartCasterScene Starts a specified scene.
UpdateCasterSceneAudio Modifies the audio configurations of a scene.
DescribeCasterSceneAudio Queries the audio configurations of a scene.
DescribeCasterChannels Queries the channels of a streaming panel.
CopyCaster Duplicates a streaming panel.
EffectCasterVideoResource Updates the standby video resource in a specified scene.
EffectCasterUrgent Switches a program scene to a standby video in a streaming panel.
CallBack Configures a callback.
Other operations
Operation Description
ModifyCasterEpisode Modifies the configurations of an episode in a streaming panel.
DeleteCasterEpisodeGroup Deletes an episode list from a streaming panel.
DeleteCasterEpisode Removes an episode from a streaming panel.
AddCasterEpisodeGroupContent Sets the parameters of an episode list in a streaming panel.
AddCasterEpisodeGroup Creates an episode list in a streaming panel.
AddCasterEpisode Adds an episode to a streaming panel.
Note If you want to configure episodes in a streaming panel, we recommend that you call the operations for streaming panels in near video-on-demand (VOD) mode.

Operations for streaming panels in near VOD mode

Operation Description
AddCasterProgram Creates an episode list in a streaming panel.
ModifyCasterProgram Modifies an episode list of a streaming panel.
DescribeCasterProgram Queries the information about an episode list in a streaming panel.
DeleteCasterProgram Deletes an episode list from a streaming panel.